How fashion product catalogues link with boosting online conversions

Undoubtedly one of the key items that every fashion store should have is a high-quality product catalogue. In fact, many may say that your online store won’t flourish if your product catalogue is inefficient and not detailed enough. It weighs so heavily in the decision process of most businesses, and many are willing to outsource tons of funds for manual labour in order to get this right.

But what exactly is a fashion product catalogue? A fashion product catalogue is essentially a range of clothing items that are organised according to the details of that specific item. In other words, all the pants are grouped together, and the same thing is done for shirts, dresses, and so forth.

When you have a proper understanding of what a fashion product catalogue is, naturally you’ll begin to wonder what the benefits of having a high-quality product catalogue are. In this article, we will be discussing how fashion product catalogues link with online conversions and what some of the best practices are as well as the benefits of a product catalogue.

Product DNA enables product discovery

For some, this may be general knowledge and for others not as much but having a detailed product catalogue allows customers to find the exact product which they are looking for on your site. Even more so, Tag-Gen helps immensely with this by using AI technology to provide product tags to clothing items within seconds, which is more than ten times faster than having to manually input the tags one by one. This saves stores a lot of money, but above and beyond that it also leads to an increase in sales as customers find it a lot easier to search and pinpoint what they want.

Detailed tags lead to easier (and more successful) shops

Easier search on Tag-Gen also helps with updating the product catalogue, which is beneficial for new brands who are growing at a faster pace. The importance of using tags that are product friendly is that they reduce the pool of items that a customer must search through to find that exact item that they’re looking for. Imagine a customer walking into a store and asking the salesperson for a red mini dress and being brought a pile of other dresses – not red or mini. What would you do if you were that customer?

Having strong Product DNA and detailed tags and attributes, allows you to strengthen and broaden the filters you can offer shoppers online. This aids your store in minimising decision fatigue which is the core reason why buyers don’t complete orders. At the end of the day, with the help of Tag-Gen’s fast processing AI technology, you can truly use high quality product tags to boost online conversions and improve your customers’ shopping experience.

Whether you’re a new or old fashion business, your main aim when approaching an online store is creating a user-friendly experience that has a direct influence on your sales. Okkular understands this importance and created the advanced AI technology Tag-Gen to make life easier for those who want quality product tags in seconds. And luckily for you, you can book a free demo on our website at https://www.okkular.io to see the remarkable effects of Tag-Gen in action.