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Okkular’s AI Is Ready for Your 2021 Xmas Rush – Are You Tagged?

The festive season will be on us sooner than we think. Time will pass by in a blur, while we try to make the most of it. Shoppers will be in a frenzy as the days tick past and they grab what they can. CNBC expects COVID outbreaks will make it harder to stock brick and mortar stores. This could be a good opportunity to make use of Okkular’s AI brain to get your online sales humming.

Luxury Clothing is On the Uptick Again

The virus is certainly going to add a spin to the action. As more and more Australians get vaccinated, our economy will start opening up again. McKinsey & Company predict a new era of luxury for fashion. When people shop for Christmas sale items they are going to single out those that make them look good!

Okkular’s AI smart tagging is in bulk upload mode now. New orders are streaming in from clothing e-retailers determined to be prepared for the 2021 rush. They know Google does not look at pictures when it ranks sites. Their measure of success is how long shoppers remain on their pages.

Okkular’s AI Will Attract Shoppers to Your Pages

Customers will launch shopping searches this Christmas, for sale items that appeal to their desire to look good. And that’s particularly true after lock down when they want to be their very best.

They will use search terms that echo the look and feel experience they are after. If you want to go to market faster with a new line, you need to do better than label your items blouse, handbag and hat. You need to describe them in words Australians search for.

That Makes Sense But it’s a Lot to Do before Christmas

Sure, we understand. In fact it’s the reason we developed Okkular’s AI for a project, and then rolled it out because it got great feedback. We imagined somebody like you getting ready for Christmas sale time, or another seasonal event but short of hours to tag your stock.

If that’s the case you’ll be glad to know you could download Okkular software direct, straight from the Shopify App store. Imagine being live within a matter of hours, and seeing your smart tags bring more new customers within reach

How Okkular Could Simplify Your Product Tagging in Days

We taught our artificial intelligence all about clothing. This includes characteristics like style, colours, prints, neckline, features, and so on. If we show it an image of, let’s say a shirt, it will tag it with neckline, sleeve length, pattern, colour, fasteners and so on in under ten seconds.

This makes it easier for busy customers to find what they want sooner. Shopping is pleasurable when we get to where we need to be fast. It also increases the possibility of staying on site, and confirming orders which is why we are in business.

Our free online demo lets you speak with a real person in our company who knows our product intimately. You could follow this link now to arrange the appointment. There are no obligations. If you choose Okkular we need to know it’s really meant for you.