5 Upcoming Brands You Need To Watch Out For

Australia’s ever-evolving retail fashion industry took an enormous toll last year, with the settling in of the COVID-19 pandemic. A snowball effect ensued that brought with it monstrous changes to the world. With physical retail being damaged and people losing faith in their trustworthy brands, competition emerged. There was a “new normal” in customer engagement, digital and delivery.  

Since then, numerous advancements have been made by retail brands. Having been instilled with innovative ideas, people came up with spectacular clothing and accessories to fill the gap. 

Here are 5 upcoming Australian brands that you need to watch out for: 

Jasmine Crop
  • Steele – Started by Vlogger turned in actress Amanda Steele, the clothing brand has a bevy of beautifully fitting leatherwear to gorgeous spring-themed outfits. All the clothing is made from the best quality materials, such as delicate silk and vegan leather – sleek and polished clothing forms their craft. A genuine must-see feminine clothing brand for those that seek to be that hidden model-off-duty! 
Avalon Mini Skirt
  • Pasduchas – Adapted from the term pas de chat, meaning ‘leap’, the name pays homage to the designers embracing their calling. Pasduchas presents itself with a host of seasonal varieties ranging from evocative bridesmaids’ dresses to luscious riptide-coloured midis. This Sydney-based label is no short of extraordinary, having an array of different embroidery choices and style for every occasion. Having noble ideals such as women empowerment, Pasduchas was started by best friends Katie McVeigh and Alicia Arcuri. You might catch yourself glimpsing at the artistic genius of this brand if you aren’t careful! 
Ursula Halter Dress
  • Avenue The Label – Capturing affordable chic standout clothing at its finest, Avenue The Label proves itself to an unattainable degree! Established in 2017, these Sydney-residers are environmental and ethically friendly. With go-to basics, this evocative label packs a surefire punch! Their carefully curated materials, coupled with craftsmanship, produce clothing of the highest quality. “Philosophy is grounded in thoughtful and sustainable design, a deliberate antithesis of fast fashion.” states the brand’s website.  
VICE T-SHIRT blue tie dye
  • The Fifth Label Yet another astoundingly crisp style, its embodiment of masculinity and affordability soaring high! This label presents Australian streetwear at its finest. Having an uncomplicated, everyday wear style, The Fifth Label delivers versatile fashion staples such as ivory dresses and navy sweaters. With 11 effortless, easy-wearing collections, they provide accessible essentials without compromising quality—original in every sense. 
Nome Linen Skirt
  • Assembly Label – if you’re someone that loves neutral tones, Assembly label is the right place for you to be. It is perfect for the casual seeker of clothing, from high-quality basics to carefully woven knits and durable denim. Established in 2011 by cofounders Damien Horan and Daniel Oliver, Assembly Label came into being to provide purposeful wardrobe essentials for men and women. Reflecting the calm of the Australian coastline, they have a minimalistic, clean and considered approach to their products.