Why Retailers need Visual Search?

The ever-expanding horizon of our e-commerce market, specifically the retail sector, continues to fulfil the needs of many beyond measure. If one were to describe it simply, they would most probably come up with something along the lines of “Innovative” or “Immaculate”, but that’s just their say.  

Life as we know it has changed indefinitely with the introduction of the Internet into the sphere of humanity. Retailers have flocked to the network with astounding success. Well, what if I were to tell you that there are still some fundamental aspects of uncertainty to their e-commerce websites? That is, in short, online shopping.   

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for physical retail, which has cost billions of dollars worldwide. On the other hand, online retail has made a steep climb in the number of users. Thus, the need for businesses to have an edge remains higher than ever.   

At Okkular, we create technology that leads the frontier of retail innovation, making it easier for businesses to provide their consumers with a seamless shopping experience without leaving the comforts of their homes. 

Our long list of clients includes the pristine Azura Runway, Blue Bungalow and Myer to name a few. With that said, let’s look at why retailers need Visual Search:   

  • Increase conversions with similar product recommendations:   

Product recommendations can increase profits. Sadly, many eCommerce companies install a simple plugin and leave it at that. It is crucial to understand that all recommendations are not the same. 

We’ve found that personal and detailed recommendations vastly outperform generic ones. To successfully boost conversion, retailers need sophisticated recommendation engines that can make sense of a shopper’s behaviour.  

Our visual AI provides you with the capability to offer your site visitors visually similar products during their online journey and encourage them to discover more of your catalogue. 

An eCommerce catalogue goes through Okkular’s AI image recognition. It extracts crucial product information like colour, pattern, style, occasion, length, fit, amongst several others. Our AI engine then generates product titles and descriptions to create cleaner and richer product and catalogue classifications. As the user inputs either an image or a textual search query, the engines can spread a wider net. The results are more comprehensive, display a more significant portion of the catalogue.  

  • Show more of what your shoppers love: Relevant Recommendations  

Understanding your shopper’s intent is the first step of unlocking the power of a seamless shopping experience. Creating a personalisation experience that is truly seamless and intuitive requires retailers to collect relevant data to unlock their interests in how they browse and search on your website. Subsequently, remodel the recommendations—dynamically adapting to the products they are looking at, which is why you need a dynamic visual search recommendation engine that adapts to the shopper’s needs and reorients its recommendation at the drop of a hat.  

Our AI analyses the image and breaks it down into product attribute a shopper might be looking for. You can now delight shoppers by showing them visually similar products to any fashion item they’re looking at. Create a shopping experience that is more intuitive with Okkular’s Visual Search.  

  • Address Out of Stock Inventory and Reduce Bounce Rates  

 Often shoppers will come to your website and look for items that may be out of stock at the moment. Instead of letting them move on to a different website, with the help of Visual Search, you can show them similar products and retain them on your website, improve their chances of purchase.  

An out-of-stock product should not mean the end of the shopper’s journey. With the help of our AI recommendation, you can stop them from dropping off by showing visually similar relevant alternatives and turning them into conversions. Never lose a customer to an out-of-stock item again. Offer alternatives for out-of-stock items and give your customers what they want when they want it.  

  •  Create a Seamless Catalogue and ensure Better Product Discovery 

Your product discovery process often forms a shopper’s first impression of your brand and influences the overall customer experience in every succeeding session.  

An efficient product discovery ideally introduces shoppers to the product they are looking for – that match their taste and inspires them to make that purchase. However, a product discovery process riddled with friction that recommends irrelevant items will drive shoppers away. The recommended products should fit the shopper’s taste and goals at the same time. Our Visual search capabilities belong to a family of visual-Al-powered product discovery technology for eCommerce and retail. In addition to searching for products through image input, brand and retailers can integrate additional solutions that use visual AI to help customers find their ideal product discovery. 

Visual Search, in conclusion, is vastly helpful and can be implemented by fashion retailers and businesses alike. It automatically matches the various aspects of clothing to filter and adapt search results positively with not one but seven reasons to back the evidence behind its genius. Visual Search is a boon to businesses and consumers with unrivalled accuracy to save money, time, and effort.   

About Us

Okkular is a Melbourne based Australian tech startup. We leverage AI and deep learning to create solutions for retailers to improve customer experience, reduce costs by automating labour-intensive task and drive sales with insightful automation and personalisation. A pioneer in our industry we have some of Australia’s biggest eCommerce and retail brands working with us the likes of MyersKookaiBlue Bungalow to name a few. To find out more about us and our offerings head to www.okkular.io