10 types of content to increase eCommerce engagement

The way people shop for products has become a mishmash pathway, toggling between online and offline sources.  The customer journey is far from linear, which forces brands to be just as nimble in engaging with shoppers. It’s up to brands and marketplaces to create a variety of touch points and valuable content streams to encourage engagement, connection and loyalty.  

When marketers put themselves in their customers shoes and imagine their typical movements and actions, they can shift communications from being one-sided to conversational.  As brands develop campaigns with the intent to connect and engage, shopper interest increases.  

Sam enjoys the search of finding fresh outfits, not so much the shopping part as he prefers it to be timely and convenient. He follows his favourite brands on Instagram and Facebook and Sam is on several mailing lists due to previous purchases, receiving regular updates on new products and sales.  A typical day in Sam’s life, he wakes up early scrolls social media and scans emails, heads to the gym for an hour’s session, back home for breakfast and commutes to work.

After dinner one evening, Sam starts to wind down, falling onto the lounge for a few episodes on Netflix.  He has a quick thought about getting a new tank for the gym sometime this week, but being time poor with work he’s not sure if he’ll get to the shops.  Sam opens Chrome, a quick search for ‘men’s black tank gym.’ A few brands he knows show up, but there’s a new one he hadn’t seen yet – Brand X. A quick browse on site and he’s enjoying the styles, graphics and aesthetic of the website experience.  Without much thought, Sam is happy to pay $35 for a new gym tank opting to use Apple Pay, which makes things simple and easy.

As he’s waking up one morning, there’s a new email from Brand X, Sam glimpses new product drops and notices an article titled ‘The ultimate workout routine for men’.  Immediately capturing Sams attention, he already has gym on his mind and continues to read the article getting some awesome tips on improving his current routine.

man shopping online deliveries

That particular touch point is invaluable to building loyalty with Sam.  The brand is communicating with the intent of understanding the lifestyle of their consumers. For Sam, he feels like there’s more to be gained by opening Brand X emails with interesting articles aimed at helping him improve and excel in hobbies and interests he’s most passionate about.  

We’ve compiled 10 types of content for eCommerce businesses to implement that will not only increase engagement, but optimise organic reach across search engines.

  1. Unique product descriptions
  2. Image meta tags
  3. Website on page descriptions
  4. Social Media – image & text
  5. EDM’s – product updates sales, styling tips, news relevant to audience
  6. Customer reviews
  7. Youtube Videos
  8. Blog posts and interesting lifestyle articles
  9. Online communities
  10. Personalised thank-you notes

When arranging Sam’s day in a timeline of events, along with a loose customer experience map, brands can start to see how each touch point links to another.  The output is consistent brand messaging, enjoyable imagery and above all meaningful content that has a long-lasting resonance.  

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